The Kitty Cat electronic ignition module kit includes the control module itself, two wires, a 4 mm bolt with lock and flat washers, and three zip ties (zip ties not shown above). These parts are labeled in the picture above.

Step 1:

You will first need to remove the ignition cover and flywheel from the engine on your Kitty Cat. With those out of the way, unbolt the points breaker and condensor. You will then need to cut the wire that connects the condensor to the coil itself. As two wires are attached to a ring connector bolted to the stator coil, be sure to only snip the one wire connected to the condensor. The wire that remains connected to the ring terminal is the kill switch wire.

Step 2:

If you have a Kitty Cat without a lighting coil, you will next use the supplied 6mm socket head bolt, lock washer, and flat washer to fasten the ring terminal of wire "B" and the control module to the stator plate as shown above. If you have a model with a lighting coil, such as the 1973 model, the control module will need to bolted to any part of the engine case or a grounded part of the frame of the machine instead of under the flywheel (mounting nut and bolt not included for mounting externally), as there will not be room for it (ring terminal of wire "B" still needs to go onto the same mounting bolt as the control module). Longer wires may be required to accomplish this. If it is not bolted to a "ground", it will not work.

As you see above, wire "A" is to be connected to the screw terminal that the kill switch wire is connected to on the stator coil. If you have to mount the control module outside the engine, you can connect to the same kill switch wire outside the engine as well. When mounting under the flywheel, you'll have to cut wire "A" and make it as short as you can.

Use wire "B" to connect onto the other spade terminal on the chip. BE SURE TO CONNECT WIRES TO THE CORRECT TERMINALS ON THE CHIP as shown above. CONNECTING THE WIRES TO THE INCORRECT TERMINALS CAN CAUSE THE CHIP TO FAIL. When installing the control module under the flywheel, be sure to use the included zip ties to hold the wires away from the flywheel. If they rub, they will short and fail.